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Campaigns, even for local elections, are large endeavors of time, talent, and resources and take the combined efforts of the community to be successful.
Calling cards, stickers, yard signs, postage, design work, and even this website are just a few of the essential components to running a successful campaign and we are grateful for your help and support.
Outside of your vote, a campaign contribution is the most effective way to ensure that our shared vision for our community in the 4th District will be in the best hands.

  • Individual contributions not exceeding $2000 per election: primary or general, can be made via online payment on this website or by sending a check to the address below.

    Individual contributions not exceeding $200 per election: primary or general, may be made anonymously via cash to the address below. Total anonymous contributions cannot exceed a total of $2000 per election; primary or general. 

    Corporate contributions are prohibited.

    Checks or Anonymous Contributions can be made to Joe Imel for Magistrate at:

    Joe Imel for Magistrate

    1313 James Edward Court

    Bowling Green, KY 42103

    Thank you for your consideration and support.  

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Joe Imel for Magistrate, Susan Galvan Treasurer.
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